Since time immemorial handicrafts have always evoked one’s creative imagination with all its build composition. The intricate artistic skill of inhabitants of Jhargram has always been the source of admiration and altraction for outsiders. Here follows a magic spread of such marvelous pieces of artistic wonder through this website.


DMTraditional handicrafts are generally prepared out of the resources available in the immediate ecology. Traditional knowledge is applied in the entire process for the preparation of the most of the handicrafts inherited from forefathers by the artisans.

Jhargram has a long history of making intricate tribal handicrafts by different tribal communities living in this forestry region since ages.

This catalogue will help to consolidate various handicraft products under one roof which were hitherto unknown to the outside world. The initiative will benefit the artisans to have a direct liaison with the outside marketing strategy .It will not only create an environment for direct customer – seller connectivity but it will also bring an end to the age old practice of middlemanship.

The tribal products are eco – friendly, biodegradable in nature which has an immense potentiality to give a tough competition to so called machine made, environment polluting non biodegradable product available in the market now.

Thus the documentation has been initiated with the motto to provide a platform for sustainable development for the tribal artisans of the region so as to upheld their artistic geniuses infront of the global market.

Ayesha Rani A, IAS
District Magistrate & Collectorate,
Jhargram District

Handicraft Products